12 Tips to Ease Those Teething Woes

Ease Those Teething Woes

For the first 6 months of new-mom-hood, I thought I had the absolute PERFECT babe.  Miss P slept through the night early on, she was well-socialized, she ate well, played well, did everything well…. and then, at about the 6 month, 3 week mark….she started teething.

She’s 9 months now and, why yes, we are still teething.

And while I know my sweet girl is still in that cute little body somewhere, unfortunately for all parties involved, right now she’s hidden behind bloody gums, fevers, rosy cheeks, and a LOT of fussing 🙁

Early on in P’s teething, I had  high hopes that drama of the experience would be short-lived and thus decided to turn a blind eye and let her tough it out for awhile (in hindsight, totally not smart). And then came the revelation morning. On this particular morning, my cranky, sleep-deprived little girl chomped down on my finger to find some relief. And that was when I realized she had six (yes SIX!) teeth trying to pop through at the same time.

This finally motivated me to take action. I went on a furious search for all the best teething products and remedies I could find.  And I am happy to report, thank goodness, that they are starting to help : ) And because I don’t want you all to have to wade through the process of browsing the internet, sifting through social media, and asking friends and fam for teething relief ideas like I did, I figured I’d share MY list with YOU!

Some of these are products I’ve used and loved. Others come HIGHLY recommended by friends.  Check them out and let me know if you want any more help finding a good solution for your little 🙂

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I could earn a small commission if you purchase any products I recommend. Please read my full affiliate disclosure HERE!  🙂

My Top 8 Companies & Products for Teething (in no particular order)

  1. The RiNGLEY Teether– Some kiddos like firm teethers, some prefer softer ones. My little girl can’t make up her mind and likes both!  If your babe is similar to mine, you have to check out RiNGLEY. Each teether in their lineup features a ring of untreated maple wood and a soft terry cloth toy that is made of 100% organic cotton. You can offer the teether to your little one as-is or you can detach the terry cloth toy, soak it, and chill it your little to enjoy!
  2. Glitter & Spice– Looking for teething relief AND style? Check out this fashion-conscious teething jewelry! Glitter & Spice has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Global News and more! And their products are very affordable (and they work!)
  3. Darlyng & Co Yummy Mitt– This product is so popular now that BabiesRUs started carrying it! Since the first thing a baby puts in her mouth is her own hand, why not let her teethe with a mitt on! Genius 🙂
  4. The Little Biting Tree– This company meets the needs of all you mamas out there worried about what your kiddos are putting in their mouths. According to their site, “Using raw wood beads threaded with pure white cotton eliminates any concern you have about chemicals and synthetics going into your babe’s mouth. The wooden beads are naturally antibacterial and because of the wood’s porous nature, bacteria has a harder time penetrating and surviving.”
  5. The Lavender Baby (Etsy affiliate link)– This company features natural, wooden teething rings and jewelry for your sweet babe! Baby jewelry also available (and oh so cute!) Check them out on Etsy.
  6. Sophie the Giraffe– Ah, Sophie. Our tried and true teething friend. Dear ol Soph has been THE most popular teether for over 55 years.  ‘Nough said.
  7. Nuby Teething Keys– If you want to run with the crowd and try out an Amazon best seller, Nuby teething keyes are the way to go. These teethers feature areas filled with pûrICE, which stays colder, longer than water filled teethers. The raised, offset surfaces gently massage your infant’s gums and ease discomfort.

My Top DIY Tips & Tricks for Teething

  1. Frozen grapes! Throw frozen grapes in a Nuby Nibbler and let your babe go to town.
  2. Lemon juice! Rubbing lemon juice on your babies gums helps relieve the pain. Older babes may enjoy chewing on a slice of frozen lemon.
  3. Something cold! This is an obvious one, but keeping the gums cool will cut down on the pain for your babe. If you don’t want to fork out the money to buy a product, a partially frozen washcloth might just do the trick. Just make sure your babe gets to enjoy it somewhere warm 🙂
  4. Cool apple slices! Refrigerate an apple, slice, skin (if you are worried about choking), and serve. My Miss P can distract herself for nearly an hour with just a few slices!
  5. Lots of TLC! Honestly, probably the BEST way I’ve found to soothe my little has been to give her my full attention and play with her. Distraction is sometimes just enough- and if that playtime leads to a tired babe, you’ve got a much easier transition to nap time or bedtime on your hands 😉

Hope this is helpful fellow mamas! Good luck with the teething process. Please comment below if you have other ideas or products you want my followers to try!

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