3 Unique Uses for Essential Oils

3 great uses for essential oils- 1 for adults, 1 for fur babies, and 1 for your home!

So a couple weeks ago, I was feeling really overwhelmed after months of home showings, working too many hours, keeping track of a toddler, managing cooped up dogs, and more. I posted about it on my Instagram and a sweetheart IG friend of mine, Abby Meade, reached out offering to send me some essential oil samples (check out her IG here!)

I’ve used essential oils before, but Abby sent me a couple I hadn’t used yet and I was super excited to try them out. Read below to check out some unique ways I used the oils Abby sent and some I already had! One use for fur babies… one use for mom and dad… one use for your home!

#1- Stress Away: Stress Relief

This was one of the blends Abby sent me. (it’s a combo of lime and vanilla essential oils).  I diluted Stress Relief with a carrier oil and started applying it topically on my wrists. And honestly… it has helped. It has taken the edge off when I’m feeling really overwhelmed or pressed for time, and I’ve been more patient with my fam.

#2- Peppermint Oil: Air Freshener

For those of you avid oil users out there, this probably isn’t anything new, but in order to keep my new house smelling fresh, I soaked several clothespins in Peppermint essential oil and then clipped the clothespins on the underside of all the vents in my house. The mint smell might seem a little potent at first, especially if you use all your vents, but give it a day or two and it will mellow out and you’ll have a nice, fresh smell permeating your house 😉

#3- Lavender Oil: Dog Deodorant

Yes, you read that right. Deodorant for your dog. I mixed a few drops of essential oil with cornstarch and have been sprinkling it on my pups 1-2 times a week. This serves as a great odor blocking stand-in for those of us who don’t have the time, money, or patience to bathe our dogs more than once every couple months. Our dogs spend a good chunk of their time inside, so keeping them smelling nice is vital! You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to water in a spray bottle and use it as a doggie perfume.

BTW- another great way to keep your pups smelling great is to brush them regularly. My favorite brush is this professional deshedding tool from The Pet Store. Check it out here on Amazon!

Dogs | Pet Hair | Deshedding | Pets

And if you’re looking to keep dog hair out of your car too… don’t miss this Waterproof Pet Cargo Liner from INNX!

PS- If you are new to the world of essential oils and want to learn more, Abby has kindly offered to help you out! You can contact her via email: abbymeade97@gmail.com ?



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