Autumn Corporate Casual

What Mama's Wearing- Autumn Corporate Casual

Let me preface this post with a couple things…

  1. I am not comfortable in front of a camera. Selfies are not my thing. And ever since having P ten months ago, I have struggled a bit with my body image. But, starting this blog has given me a good excuse to get out of my comfort zone. I have to imagine that there are other mamas out there like me, and I hope my leap is inspiring for you.
  2. I am not a fashionista. In fact, 99% of the time, my attire consists of a comfy tee with jeans or leggings, usually all of which I’ve bought at Target or a local consignment store. I might as well be a poster child for Dress for Less.  Not only do I generally not shop spendy, but half the time, when people name drop high-end brands, I don’t even recognize the name, much less know what type of product they carry.  Before I became a mom, I used to get embarrassed by this. Now I’m like, “Well, P just spit up on me again, so I guess it’s a good thing this shirt is only $10.”

Alright, those disclaimers aside, here goes nothing 🙂 Be patient with me. I promise my style posts will get better in time…

PS- Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. The price doesn’t change for you. I just may receive a small commission for being the one to recommend the product. This helps me keep my blog running. Thanks!

So the weather here in Boise has definitely transitioned to fall. Mornings are crisp and cool, afternoons are warmer and sunny. So when I head into work in the mornings, I try to plan for both.


This usually means grabbing my North Face vest. And you guys, I LOVE this vest. In fact, I love it so much that it’s the only gift I actually kept from my college boyfriend after a pretty nasty break up. Theron (now hubby) jokes regularly that he needs to buy me a new one, but the fact that this sucker is still going strong tells me he really doesn’t care that much…and neither do I 🙂 North Face is a little on the spendy side, but so worth it. Their gear lasts forever and comes in handy almost year round.

(PS- The sunglasses I’m wearing weren’t supposed to make the pic… but since they did, I thought I’d let you know that they were a good-old fashioned Target purchase. They are from their surf collection, have a stylish matted look, and are oh so comfy.)

Underneath the vest, I’m sporting a button up blouse from Bohme Boutique. I actually purchased this blouse at a consignment store here in Boise, but you can find similar tops  They are pretty much adorable.


And I’m going to let you in on a little secret about my leggings… they are actually maternity leggings from Motherhood Maternity. But they are my all-time favorite pair of leggings I’ve ever owned, so even though I’m not pregnant anymore, I still wear them at least once a week.  You can shop Motherhood Maternity leggings on Amazon here.

When I was pregnant with P, I actually got these leggings from Motherhood Closet, an online maternity consignment store. Motherhood Closet offers an online boutique environment where you can shop gently used designer maternity styles at prices that are affordable 😉 Expecting mamas (or mamas like me who are okay with secretly wearing the world’s most comfortable leggings), be sure to check them out!

For footwear, I chose my black lace Toms this morning. I debated back and forth between boots or slip ons, but with temps getting up into the mid 70’s  here today, I decided I might as well get the last few wears out of my Toms for the season.

So usually my outfit plans stop at shoes, (mostly because I’m not a very saavy jewelry styler….yet!) but today I spruced up my outfit with this necklace from Old Navy. As far as I can tell, Old Navy doesn’t still carry this exact one, but you can check out similar styles here. And if you purchase anything at Old Navy between now and Wednesday (9/14) be sure to use my discount code STILLSAVE for 20% off!


And finally, I thought I’d throw in a pic of my Lowepro camera bag for good measure. This baby goes with me pretty much everywhere and holds my Canon T4i and all it’s accessories in a neat and tidy little bag. Shop it on Amazon here!


Alright ladies. That’s a wrap. Huge shout out to my photographer today… the hood of my car and a self timer! 😉 Like I said… It’ll get better in time.

Till then…


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