Built by Dada Stacker for Babies

The perfect manipulative stacker for small fingers! Helps with hand-eye coordination.

P and I were pretty excited to win this Built By Dada stacker in an Instagram giveaway a few weeks back, and when it arrived this weekend, we were even more pumped to start playing with it! As a momma who loves the idea of keeping her kiddo away from screens as much as possible (though I will admit, I cave in my weakest moments), I’m always on the lookout for manipulative toys that P can engage with. And this stacker is perfect for just that!



To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure how P would respond to this toy. As most kids are these days, she’s mesmerized most by cell phones and toys that make noise, so I wasn’t sure how stacks of wooden circles would pan out for us. But I was pleasantly surprised by how excited she was when I unpacked the stacker.


And since her first experience with the stacker on Saturday, it has been my go-to toy every morning to distract P while I get ready for work. The second she hears the pieces clinking together as I stack them back on their dock, her attention is undivided and she races over to play.  We’ve actually already lost a piece of the stacker because P carries the pieces all around the house with her!



So, mamas with little ones, if you haven’t stopped by the Built By Dada website, you definitely should! Each and every today is handcrafted, durable, and fashionably brought to life with water-based, baby-safe paints, stains, and waxes so your little one has a safe playing experience.

I’ve loved P’s reaction to this toy so much that I’ve started scoping out more of Built By Dada’s wooden toy collections and am hoping to get P another item from their shop for her first birthday. Thanks so much David and Emily. We will be shopping with you again soon!




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