The Cutest Wooden Camera for Kids

Handpicked by Ruby- Wooden Kid's Camera

So over the past several years, I’ve dabbled quite a bit with photography. I’ve never had any formal training, but in 2013, I bought a nice Canon Rebel T4i, attended a couple newbie community classes, messed around taking pictures of my dogs and my poor husband, and even shot a couple weddings.

Needless to say, when P was born, she was constantly behind my lens. I look back at the hundreds of photos I took of her in the first few weeks and cringe a little (newborns aren’t always the best looking little subjects). But somehow I must have rubbed off on her, because these days, she can’t stay away from my camera.

Now though, she isn’t as fond of being the subject in front of the camera. Don’t get me wrong, she looks downright adorable in pretty much every picture I capture, but she’d far prefer to be busy behind the lens tinkering with all the cool buttons and squealing with every new blurry photo of the ground she is able to snap.

So when I won my first Instagram giveaway a couple weeks ago, I was pretty stoked to discover these little toy wooden cameras at Handpicked by Ruby .


Adorable right? Miss P can’t get enough of her new toy.

So if you have a little girl who loves to play with dolls (or cameras for that matter), you have to head over to Handpicked by Ruby and check it out. Mama Ruby Findley makes predominantly handmade dolls (which are adorable by the way!) and doll accessories. Check her out on Etsy and be sure to follow her on Instagram!


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