Disclaimers & Disclosures

Hey ya’ll! Just a few quick site disclosures and disclaimers for you.

COLLABORATIONS: I am open to do product reviews of companies and brands that fit in with the topics I write about on my blog: motherhood, baby fashion, mom style, beauty & health, baby products/learning/toys, and more. Please email me at afereday@abbyfereday.com if you’d like to discuss ideas!

SPONSORSHIPS: I always disclose sponsored content in writing within my posts. I am open to new sponsorships with any companies and brands that fit the niche and theme of my blog.  Shoot me an email or contact me via the contact page if you are interested. Email: afereday@abbyfereday.com

AFFILIATE LINKS: Just a heads up that some of the links throughout my site are affiliate links. Basically, that means I may make a small commission if you purchase anything that I recommend to you. This helps me keep my blog up and running! Thanks so much 🙂

PRIVACY: I don’t share any of your info with third parties other than the site’s sponsors, nor do I store information I collect about your visit to this blog for use other than to analyze site performance through the use of cookies, which give me information on site page views, and which you can turn off at any time by modifying your Internet browser’s settings. This site/privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS: I have TWO instagram accounts associated with Forever Mom.

  • The first, is my blog Instagram @forevermommoments. Here, I post about the latest on the blog, do product reviews, write about motherhood, and more. Everything I write about here represents my personal experiences, things I own or wear, or new products P and I try.
  • My second account is @forevermomboutique. This account is also embedded in my “SHOP” page on this website.  On this account, I post all my favorite mom fashion finds.  Some of the posts on this account represent things I own. However, many of the items I post are not things I own. But, they are on my wish list! And just in case any of you mamas have similar taste, I wanted to share my wish list with you too 🙂

PS- Unless otherwise noted, all the opinions and posts on this site are my own. Also, please don’t reuse any of my photos without my written permission! Thanks 🙂