DIY Halloween Fun for Toddlers

3 fun activities to do with kiddos for Halloween!

Okay, so I’m going to come clean right from the get-go here. None of the ideas in this post are my own, and I haven’t actually tried any of these activities…yet. (Update, as we do each activity, I’ll replace with our photos!) But, they all sound so fun!¬†and rather than waiting to post this until after we have a chance to try them out (which probably would make ya’ll have to wait till next year to try them), I figured I’d post now ūüėČ ¬†And I’ll be sure to post reviews and photos of each activity on¬†Instagram¬†if you want to stay tuned!

So we are all familiar with¬†the traditional¬†fall/Halloween activities…. pumpkin carving, going to the corn maze, trick or treating, visiting the pumpkin patch, etc. And while I love all those activities, the list below introduces¬†a few new, unique and fun ideas¬†I gathered from some creative¬†Instagrammers and Bloggers. I’ve linked to all their feeds or blogs in case you want to check them out too!

DIY #1: Pumpkin Bowling


This activity is a great one for the whole fam! I got this idea (and this photo) from Julie, the mom behind Try Small Things on Instagram. To do this activity, you just need some rolls of toilet paper (decorated as ghosts with either colored paper or a permanent marker) and wee gourds as the bowling balls! Past that, I think you can make up the rules as you wish… that’s what we plan to do at least!

DIY #2: Footprint Ghosts


This isn’t necessarily a whole family affair or activity (though it could be!), but I thought it was an adorable way to decorate and would be a cool keepsake over the years. I got this idea (and photo) from The Mama Workshop on Instagram. Here’s the instructions:

  1. Trace your little one’s foot on card stock and cut out your traced foot.
  2. Tape the card stock onto a mason jar using double sided tap (it acts a stencil).
  3. Paint the mason jar black.
  4. Once dry, remove the stencil and use white pain to outline the ghost, paint the eyes, write “BOO”, and write your kiddo’s name and year on the back side of the jar.
  5. Glue twine around the top using hot glue (optional, but gives it a cute look).
  6. Put a battery operated tea light in it and watch it shine through the “footprint” ghost!

So stinkin’ cute.

DIY #3: Pumpkin Chalkboards


This is one of the cutest Halloween activities I’ve seen for kiddos (and doubles as a great fall decorating activity for adults!). (Idea cred goes to Angela at Momtessori Life blog). And all you need¬†is a pumpkin, chalk, and a little chalkboard paint (which you can find at pretty much any craft store). And all you have to do¬†is paint the pumpkin, let it dry (overnight if possible) and set your little one loose with chalk! I can’t wait for P to try it (and fingers crossed she’ll draw with the chalk rather than eat it¬†?). And I’m excited to decorate my own for our front doorstep!

What other fun Halloween activities do you do at your house? Especially with young kiddos. I’d love more ideas!











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