Why My Family Celebrates Cinco de Mayo (and the secret to our favorite snacks!)

Cinco de Mayo started as a way to commemorate Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1865. However, over the years, the holiday has crept onto the American calendar as a way to acknowledge and celebrate Mexican-American culture. It is for this reason that my family loves to celebrate the holiday.

While no one in our family is hispanic, my husband and I are passionate about the language and culture. In college my husband spent time in Mexico teaching English and made several close friends he is still in contact with regularly today. I have never actually been to Mexico, but growing up, my dad ran a construction crew that was predominantly Latino. In high school, I worked on the crew to earn some extra cash, and became close friends with many of his crew- I learned a ton about the Mexican culture, came to appreciate authentic Mexican food, and loved bonding over our mutual appreciation for the game of futbol.

We now have our daughter on the waiting list to get into the only Spanish speaking preschool in Boise, Idaho, run solely by folks who grew up in Mexico and a few other central American countries. Once she is old enough, we are excited about taking a family trip to Mexico as well!

One way my family and I love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with lots of fun Mexican foods. My all time favorite is Green Chile Creamy Chicken Tacos using Old El Paso mini flour tortilla taco boats from Walmart.

This Cinco de Mayo, be sure to check these taco boats out! They’ll make a great addition to your snacks and dishes! And be sure to check out other fun recipe ideas at Old El Paso!



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