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I don’t know about you guys, but my diaper bag is my life. Quite literally. Not only does it carry P’s diapers, wipes, and snacks. It also carries my wallet, 2 cell phones, extra makeup, hair items, tissues, chapstick and more! I carry my Laiya bag everywhere with me (even when I don’t have P!) so I love that it is fashionable enough to look like a cute purse, but still meets both P’s and my needs. Little does everyone know that there are diapers hiding in there too!

Btw- I’m an affiliate for Laiya Diaper bags, but all these opinions are my own. Also, keep reading for a limited time discount code!

Diaper bag | Fashion Bag | Baby bag | Mom Products | Diaper Purse | Purse

Diaper bag | Fashion Bag | Baby bag | Mom Products | Diaper Purse | Purse

There are so many reasons I love this bag. It….

  • IS EASY TO CARRY: Carry this bag on your shoulders or across your body with the longer cross-body strap.
  • HAS PLENTY OF ROOM: This medium-sized bag has plenty of room for everything you need without being unnecessarily large or bulky.
  • HAS CONVENIENT STORAGE: Two outside pockets & six inside pockets provide lots of convenient storage options.
  • MAKES A DIFFERENCE: A portion of the proceeds from each bag sold goes to support families seeking to adopt.

You want one now too, right? If you’re a mama thinking about purchasing this bag, I have great news for you! From now through February 10, I have a special discount code you can use. And it’s a BIG discount: 50% off!

Whaaaaat? I know. Such a deal. Snag yours today on Amazon HERE and use my special affiliate code FOREVERM to get 50% off! Also, there’s no purchase limit on this deal. So if you want to buy one for a friend, go for it!



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I love this bag!!!

I have this same bag and I love it! I did a “what’s in my Diaper Bag” video and it really fits so much stuff inside.

Yes! I love diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags!! This one is so cute!

Cute! I love that it doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag!

I’d love one! I’m stuck with an old, blue, boring diaper bag!

Such a pretty bag! I love and Diaper bag that doesn’t scream “Diaper Bag!!!”

I haven’ reached that point in life yet where I would be interested in diaper bags, but this one looks really cute and fashionable!

Unfortunately I don’t have children but I do like the look for this bag, it sso stylish! I would actually use it for other things 😀

I love this bag! So cute!!

I’ve seen a lot of these around lately and they seem so handy! I’m not a mum myself but I’ll forward this to my friend who would absolutely love this one:) x