Gerber for the WIN

If your toddler is anything like mine, handing over a fruit and veggie pouch to her grubby little fingers is like signing up for a full day’s worth of cleaning. She tries her hardest to squeeze it all into her little mouth, but inevitably, it ends up all over the place.  She certainly has a way of making the worst messes!

Needless to say, I was pretty relieved to find Gerbers Smart Flow pouches. No more messes! And no more having to hold the pouch for her to avoid the mess! #pouchWIN

P romped around the yard, slurping down her banana-blueberry Gerber Grabbers pack (Grabbers is the toddler version of these food packs!), all without a single drop on her clothes or the ground.  The smart flow system gives her a little extra control as she learns to feed herself and doesn’t allow an accidental squeeze to result a messy tee.

And the best part? Gerber is offering some great coupons (while supplies last) to get discounts on all Smart Flow pouches. Don’t miss out! Redeem these coupons the same place I did: your local Ahold or Kroger.



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