Healthy Meals for Your Littles

Healthy Meals for Your Littles

I’ve always been passionate about eating and living as healthy as possible. When I was single, it was easy. I ate paleo, went to CrossFit at 5am every morning, got out on long hikes on the weekend, went for regular runs, played on several adult sports teams.  Those were the days…. (Sigh).

But now that I’m married with three dogs, a 10 month old, a full time job, a blog, a soccer team to coach, a house to clean, grocery shopping to do, a yard to mow, a fence to fix, light bulbs to replace… (I think you get the idea), I DO occasionally have a hard time prioritizing and navigating all the different demands on my time and energy.

And, on a more regular basis than I care to admit, the health of my family takes a back seat.

……Which is totally not okay!!

So friends, I’ve set a goal.  And I’m writing this post to share that goal with you. Starting September 1, “family health” is jumping back to the top of the totem pole. Pinky swear. Cross my heart, hope to die (okay, maybe not die).  But people…. THIS IS HAPPENING. Who’s with me!?

The more the merrier friends, the more the merrier.

So, slight shift here, but one thing that can sometimes make the healthy eating train a little difficult for us mamas is prepping meals for our kiddos. As my little one begins creeping up on the one year milestone and is eating more and more regular food, thinking up meals to feed her is something that consumes more of my time that I want it to most days.

Lucky for me, a few weeks back, a fellow Instagram mama, Melanie @cleanlittleplates, commented on a post of mine and shared her passion for helping mamas teach their little ones to love whole, real, DELICIOUS foods.  Of course, I checked out her feed immediately and was so pumped to find hundreds of recipe ideas for my little love!

So if you, too, are looking for ideas to get your kiddos excited about healthy, whole foods, follow Melanie on Instagram! You won’t regret it.  And Melanie, thanks so much for reaching out. Miss P can’t wait to try all your scrumptious recipes (and I may steal some bites too…shhhh  ❤ )


Photo Credit: Clean Little Plates

In case you are someone who likes to have a few places bookmarked for recipe ideas, I’ve got three more great suggestions for you. All are mamas passionate about healthy foods for their little ones and have active, regularly updated Instagram accounts and/or blogs.

Mama #1: Amy @ Feeding Finn (IG: @feedingfinn  Blog:

Amy posts and blogs about healthy recipes for babes and toddlers as well as baby-led weaning ideas! Check her out!


Photo Credit: Feeding Finn

Mama #2: Claudia @ What’s Baby Eating? (IG: @whatsbabyeating)

Claudia writes about kid food ideas, meals the whole fam can enjoy, and lots of fun toddler activities! All the recipes are right in her IG posts, which makes things super easy 🙂


Mama #3: Nikki @ My Hungry Toddler (IG: @myhungrytoddler)

Nikki regularly posts fun, creative recipes that are healthy for your toddler. She’s also a member of the Healthy Kids Community!


All 4 of these ladies, Melanie, Amy, Claudia, and Nikki have awesome ideas for feeding your little one.  Follow their recipes and your kiddo will be sure to have a great (and healthy!) experience with food. Which we all know helps pave the way to a healthier adulthood down the road  😉

If you’d like to join in on my officially unofficial Healthy Family initiative, please do! Let’s do it together. And if you have any more helpful resources for us all, please share in the comments below!

Happy Weekend friends. Love to you all.


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