How to Clean Your Bathroom Naturally

Natural Bathroom Cleaner | Homemade Bathroom Cleaner | DIY Cleaner | Bathtub Cleaner | Toilet Cleaner | Shower Cleaner

Natural living friends, get excited! The slideshow below has 4 stellar recipes for keeping your bathroom clean as a whistle, all with natural, green ingredients.

I jumped on the “Green Home”  bandwagon a couple years ago, and I’m so glad I did. I feel so much better about the products I am using to clean surfaces that my loved ones touch on a regular basis. It makes my mama heart rest easy knowing there aren’t any toxins or harmful chemicals in the products I make and use.

The 4 recipes in the slideshow below were actually shared with me from an outside source. A few were ones I had been using before, but a couple were new to me, and it’s been great to add new recipes to the DIY repertoire.

Feel free to click through a detailed description of all 4 cleaners in the slides and if you want the recipes in a more user-friendly printable flyer, be sure to keep scrolling to grab your free download!

How to Clean Your Bathroom…Naturally by Modern Bathroom, a company that offers sinks, faucets, and double vanities.

Want to grab a $0.50 printout of each of these recipes?

Natural Bathroom Cleaner | Homemade Bathroom Cleaner | DIY Cleaner | Bathtub Cleaner | Toilet Cleaner | Shower Cleaner

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Great tips! Does the coconut oil in the hand wash solidify? I’ve never used it with Castile soap but I imagine you’d have to shake it or warm it before use.

Oh i need to try this one. Thank you for sharing..

Love all of these tips! Always looking to go natural especially with young ones in the house!

I do this with freshening up our couches–I sprinkle around baking soda, let it sit, then vaccuum it off!

So nifty! I’ve never heard of the grapefruit one! I’ve used a lemon and salt on my kitchen sink, so I wonder if it would work the same as a grapefruit on the tub. I have some lemons so I’m excited to try it tonight after bath time. My kids’ tub is so stubborn with all the grime!

I love going natural with everything we use at home. Ever since I started reading the scary ingredients lists on cleaning products, I never want to use them again!