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If you are a mama like me, you probably love taking pics of your kiddos. 95% of the time, I use my iPhone to snap these up, but occasionally (and especially for my blog and social posts), I like to get some higher quality photos with my nicer DSLR camera. In a “What Mama’s Wearing” post awhile back, I mentioned my Lowepro camera backpack (affiliate link) that I like to take with me on trips. It holds my camera, extra lenses, battery charger, flash, etc. But I’ve also been wanting a smaller, easier to tote-around camera bag for days when I go on a walk with P, or snap photos in the backyard. And I finally found one I love from Just Get Pampered.


The one I’m featuring in photos here is the small size tote. It’s perfect for carrying around a small DSLR or digital camera. If you want a bigger version, don’t worry! Just Get Pampered also carries a larger version with room and dividers for extra lenses and other camera essentials. To be honest, I like my Lowepro bag, but I’m thinking hard about switching it out for one of the large Just Get Pampered bags! They are just way cuter ? And that way, I have a quick, on-the-go bag for my camera and a bag I can load up with all my extra camera essentials for longer outings!

On another note, in case your a mama who is 100% iPhone for photos… both of these camera bags could double as adorable purses too… for you or your kiddos 😉


So head HERE to shop these bags and other items in the Just Get Pampered Shop, and be sure to use my follower discount code 4EVERMOM for 20% off your order!



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