Lulou Designs: My Favorite Discount Tees

I love my "Fri-nally" tee from Lulou designs. Check it out here!

It’s Friday! Fri-nally! I’m loving this shirt I got a couple weeks ago from Lulou Designs… it totally reflects my sentiment. Every. Single. Friday.  Lulou Designs shop owner Brita makes fun graphic tees for all ages and has some awesome holiday designs live now on her website! Don’t miss out! And if you check out her Instagram (HERE), you can find a special discount code!



The other reason this shirt is particularly fitting this week is because T and I are hitting a huge milestone today. After months and months of an emotionally draining house selling and buying process, we are heading to our closing appointment in a few short hours. I can’t even put into words what a relief that is for me. We are so ready to get everything unpacked in our new house and settle in for the first time since July (which is when we packed up 90% of our things at our last house).

With our move comes an opportunity to do a little “decluttering” and start new with just the essentials. For those of you like me who get instant anxiety when things get cluttered, you understand just how cathartic that feels. So while this weekend will be busy with unpacking, come Monday, I think I’ll be feeling more at peace than I have in months. And I can’t wait.


Also, final note- today is T’s 30th birthday. He’s not one who enjoys surprises, so I don’t have any cool plans up my sleeve, but I’m excited for a family dinner out to celebrate him and everything he means to P and I. He’s our rock and I’m so thankful for him.

Alright, signing out for now. Lots more to come in the next week. I have a ton of posts in draft mode that I can’t wait to share with you!

Disclaimer- I’m an Etsy affiliate and may earn a small commission by being the one to suggest Lulou Designs to you!



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