Moms Need Time Outs Too

Check out some stats on how much "me time" moms get, how much we need, and a discount code for homemade wooden signs!

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According to a research article published in 2014, the average amount of “me time” moms get each day is 17 minutes. Seventeen! And that’s the average… which means, there’s a handful of us moms getting far less than that.

The article is a bit jaded and says women are often bitter about their lack of alone time… and while I can understand the sentiment and certainly have moments where I feel entirely overwhelmed in my attempts to keep the house clean, keep track of the kid, get to work on time, feed and exercise the dogs, arrange for a sitter, remember to pack lunches, add to my blog, schedule social media posts. and try to make it to bed before midnight….. I am also well aware that I am a little more OCD about staying organized than the average person…¬†ūüėČ

So while I didn’t necessarily jump on the bitter bandwagon when I read the above¬†article, what I did realize is that I need to do a better job setting aside protected time for ME. Rather than always frantically trying to cram things in and getting frustrated when I feel like I don’t even have time for everything, I need to intentionally¬†set aside time each week to unplug. There is plenty of research out there about the health benefits of taking time to relax and refresh (and another chunk about the negative impact of always being go-go-go). I know for my own sake, and the sake of the family members who have to interact with me on a daily basis, making “me time” each week is a necessity.

So my new goal is to set aside an hour a week. An hour of protected “Mom Time Out” time to be alone- to read a book, watch my favorite show, sip a glass of wine, go get a massage… whatever it may be. ¬†I know I’ll be better for it, and I know my family will appreciate the rejuvenated mom that emerges after each Time Out ūüėČ

Mom' need time outs too! Check out my blog to find out why.

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