My Favorite Baby Carrier: Hope Carried

My favorite baby and toddler carrier slings are on the blog! Hope Carried not only makes great products, but they have a great company mission too. Read more about it in my post!

So if you keep up with me on Instagram, you know I’ve been raving about Hope Carried for several weeks now. I love this company for a few reasons. First, their ring slings are legit. It makes toting P around the house so much easier for me (she likes to be held when her teeth hurt and it’s really nice not to have to stop everything I’m doing every time she’s workin on a new tooth!).


The second, and probably more important reason that I am a Hope Carried supporter is because of their business model and mission. Brea Albulov founded this company in 2015 with the goal of creating positive social change for fellow moms. Hope Carried was born out of a love for baby wearing and desire to build a community that supports families and empowers women. By working with different organizations, Hope Carried has come in contact with many women who have demonstrated a desire to contribute to their family financially. However, due to extenuating circumstances, such as lack of education or cultural restrictions, they have been unable to find stable employment. Brea employs these women and teaches them how to make Hope Carried Wraps & Ring.

So… that means that by purchasing Hope Carried Products, you’re helping women in need get on their feet to help support their family. Each ring sling and baby wrap not only helps these women and their families, but provides comfort for the baby who’s lucky enough to get toted around in it. And believe me, it does just that.


If you’d love to try a Hope Carried sling and support the hiring of more women in need, I’d love to share my follower discount with you for a little extra incentive. So head on over to their website (HERE), pick a sling, and use my follower code: forevermomandbaby for 10$ off your final purchase. Not only will you be saving money on an awesome product, but you can also rest assured that your purchase is going to a wonderful cause.

That’s all for now, lovelies!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Hope Carried but all the opinions and photos are my own ? 

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