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Okay, so let me preface this post with the fact that I’ve tried numerous natural deodorants. A couple years ago when I first began investigating the whole “green living” realm, I immediately began looking for replacements for my every day health & beauty products.

I found…

…and more (ps- some of those links are affiliate links and I’ll make a small commission if you decide to try them out!)

But for the life of me, I could not find a deodorant I liked. All the ones I tried made me feel sticky, and usually only worked for a couple hours. I hated leaving the house wearing it because I was nervous I wouldn’t make it back home before I needed to apply again. Eventually, I gave up and started using my regular ol’ Dove products again, and silently hoped I wasn’t causing myself any health complications down the road (read more about that here!)

But finally (finally) I found a pure, natural, safe, and (drumroll) effective deodorant I love!

PS- This post was sponsored by Humble Brand deodorant but all the opinions and experiences are my own!

Humble deodorant only has 4-5 ingredients and is aluminum-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and organic/non-gmo! I’ve been using the Essential Lavender scent and T has been wearing the Essential Cedarwood, and we are loving both of them.

Head on over to their website to read more about how Humble got started and about Jeff, the man behind it’s creation! I don’t say this often… but I think after trying over 10 different deodorant brands, I can confidently say that the Humble brand won’t let you down 🙂





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