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We love this Kindergarten Toolkit! Check it out on the blog.

When I first stumbled across Carrie’s Instagram account, I fell in love with her Kindergarten Toolkit.  What a creative idea to help prep little ones for the world of Kindergarten! As a mom who spent 4 years as a classroom teacher, I really appreciate the importance of parents being involved in their child’s early literacy and numeracy development (it is seriously such an important and foundational piece!)

So even though P hasn’t quite reached the kindergarten prep years (she’ll turn 1 in about a month!), I decided to give the kit a whirl… I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything! And while P made it pretty clear that she’d rather eat the marker than draw with it and bang the flashcard stacks together rather than learning the letters and shapes on them, I love the fact that she was excited to play with toolkit and was engaged with each item we found inside.





If nothing else, playing with all the toolkit items was great motor development and eye-hand coordination as she picked up and reorganized each individual card, helped hold the marker, traced the shapes on the cards with her finger, flipped through the pages in the workbook, and tried to babble the letters back to me as I said them aloud. And I love that we are setting the stage for a fun bonding time that is also doubles as school prep!



If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out these Kindergarten Toolkit’s, head to Cassie’s website HERE or visit her on Instagram @kindergartentoolkit. Cassie has first hand experience as a Kindergarten teacher and knows what it takes to get kids fully prepped, but (thankfully) she designed the kit for “anyone, with or without a teaching background, to use the materials and lessons to fully prepare their child for kindergarten.”  She suggests using the kit with 2-6 year olds for 30 minutes a week to help develop “a solid academic foundation for the start of Kindergarten.”


I am super excited to keep watching P learn with the toolkit, and can’t wait till we can start going through each of the wonderful lessons in the booklet! Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool, Cassie!



This post was sponsored by The Kindergarten Toolkit, but all the opinions and experiences are my own, of course 😉

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