Raising a Confident Toddler

Why my toddler is so confident and how I hope to help her keep that into childhood and teen years!

This girl’s firey spirit is an inspiration.

I’m not sure what I was like at her age… my earliest memory doesn’t register till 4 or 5. But as a child, teen, and even still as an adult, I’ve always been a pretty reserved person, afraid to rock the boat, always coloring in the lines, caring a little too much about what people think of me. I don’t mean to sell myself short by any means; I’m an accomplished individual and have always had the work ethic to make things happen. But when I look back on my 29 years and think about the opportunities I could have taken, paths I could have pursued, and accomplishments I could have known, I wonder what my life would be like right now if, in those moments, I had been more confident, more take charge, and more, well, firey.

I’m not sure what makes P such an assertive, self-assured toddler… but as her mom, I want the world for her [and I want her to have a big impact on the world] so I’m constantly looking for ways to nurture her larger-than-life personality.  I want to guide her without standing in her way; I want to help her explore her passions and discover her talents; and I want to reinforce for her, even at the young age of 1, that her voice matters. Always.

I want these things for her because I love her and because I know she’s capable of big things. Because being confident in her own skin matters matters more than any accomplishment ever could. Because becoming a strong woman will help hold her head high even when things get hard. And because one day, I hope she becomes the change she wants to see in the world. That, friends, would be my mama dream come true.

Why my toddler is so confident and how I hope to help her keep that into childhood and teen years!

How will she change the world? I don’t know. None of us can predict exactly what’s in store for our kiddos. But we can play our parts as parents; we can be mentors and encouragers, who love our kids in both their successes and in their failures. Because fail they most certainly will. But learning to get back up every time, even after the big falls, is what will help them build the grit necessary to take on even the toughest battles in life. And for me, helping my little girl grow strong enough to hold her own in the world and knowing she’s building the strength of character necessary to shine her light even in the darkest places makes me so, so proud of her already.

If you want to read more about raising confident kiddos or more insight into your kiddo’s temperament, I linked to a couple of my favorite articles and books below! Some of the links below are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase the items I refer!

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