She’s the Reason: A Lesson in Motherhood

Becoming a mom has been the single most rewarding experience of my life. I know now a love that I never could have fathomed and I simply can’t imagine my life without my sweet P.

But amazing as it has been, becoming a mom has come with it’s fair share of challenges. I’ve struggled big time with learning to love the new “mom” me. After P was born, I was frustrated with my body. My pregnancy weight didn’t drop off as quickly as I hoped, my hair started falling out, and my boobs were too big for my old bras.

I’m was also way more emotional, more anxious. Things that I had previously let roll off my back began to bother me. I got my feelings hurt more easily. I was tired all the time. And I often worried that I’m wasn’t doing things right as a mom (still do).

But even with all the difficulties and insecurities, being a mom is so worth it. P is just perfect. Not perfect in the sense that she never cries or disobeys or tries to drive me crazy. But in the sense that she is the perfect little girl for me.

She’s the reason I get up in the morning, the sweet soul that keeps me going through long work days, and the smile that gives me peace as I head to bed each night. She brings me a joy I didn’t know was possible in this life, and as much as I want her to stay little forever, I also can’t wait to watch her grow and learn and walk through life making every step along the way just a little more beautiful.

Mom life can be hard, but my sweet girl is the thing that keeps me going! Read more on the blog and find out about the cute clothes we are wearing!

Mom life can be hard, but my sweet girl is the thing that keeps me going! Read more on the blog and find out about the cute clothes we are wearing!



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I agree, motherhood has changed me so much. There’s absolutely no going back to the woman I was before, I mean that in every way possible! Your P is pretty perfect!

Motherhood is so weird. It’s so incredibly rewarding to have your child smile back at you, but draining all the new worries you now have. Love the outfit, too!

Yes to allll of this! Motherhood has changed me even more with the birth of my second daughter — but all for the better! It’s hard to imagine life without my two girls now!

Motherhood can be so difficult! But waking up to my sweet baby makes it all worth it!


I hear ya! I felt the same way after I had my third baby. I was really frustrated with my weight and hoped I would have lost it faster. But you’re right! It’s so worth it going through all the challenges we face as moms. One night my 14 month old kissed me abouut 20 times goodnight and it was the best feeling in the world.


Oh I forgot to mention that I’m also a mommy blogger. I’m Emily @happymomblog. Come stop by sometime!

Yes! Motherhood has changed me in all of these ways too, especially the being more anxious part!
But I wouldn’t have it any other way!