Style Ideas as Summer Turns to Fall

Fall and summer are duking it out here in Boise. Last week, we had rain, wind, overcast skies, and chilly temps. This week, we are back up in the high 80’s with sunshine every afternoon. So while I’m antsy to get back to my scarf and boot attire, I was lovin’ this cute summer/fall compromise attire this week.


I love this outfit because it is totally fall colors, but it’s cool enough to wear during this week of warm weather we’re having. Quick celebration about the pants in this photo… this it the FIRST time I’ve worn those tight suckers since having P 10 months ago. They were tight before I put the baby weight on, and since having P, I’ve considered getting rid of them a time or two, but I kept them as motivation to get back to where I was pre-baby. And I’ve finally made it!

Also, quick note about my blouse… it’s brand new and an early birthday gift from my sweet mother-in-law.  It’s super classy (but also super comfy) which is my all time favorite combo! Plus, I got tons of compliments on it at work 🙂



And now for the outfit details:

  • Shirt: HeartSoul (early birthday gift from my mother-in-law!)
  • Pants: Old Navy RockStar (my fav pants from before P was born… and they finally fit again!)
  • Shoes: Toms Crochet Classic Slipons
  • Sunglasses: Ross Dress for Less

My last few shots got photobombed by my dogs… so you can’t really see my outfit. But these 3 amigos just couldn’t handle not being behind the camera, so I figured they deserved a little face time on the blog too 🙂 Enjoy the bloopers. Until next time friends!







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