The Best Bandana Bibs for Babies

These are the best organic baby bibs ever! My kiddo wears them every day.

Ya’ll! I am so excited to share with you some small shop baby products I found and love. A couple weeks back, I received bandana bibs and a sippy cup straps from HnyBaby. I was excited about the bibs because with all our regular ones, P typically gets food down her neck and onto her clothes. But these bandana bibs sit closer to her neck (and are stretchy so that it isn’t too tight) and this helps prevent food from finding it’s way to her clothes. The bibs are also SUPER soft (made with organic cotton) and pretty stinkin stylish (honestly… I wish they made them in mom sizes). P often wears hers around all day, since the bib is also awesome at catching her drool dribbles (yep, going on 6 months of teething, folks). The bibs come in sets of 4. Check the yellow and grey set I picked out HERE.


The other product we tried out were the sippy cup straps. P just recently transitioned from her bottle to sippy cups, and while I love having it around so P has something to drink, two things drive me nuts: 1) It always gets buried in the diaper bag and I have to pull everything out to find it, and 2) P is enthralled with throwing it onto the ground and laughing as I pick it back up for her (little turd).  But with the HnyBaby straps, I’ve been able to solve both of these qualms. One end of the strap cinches around the sippy bottle, and the other end, clips on to something else. When the cup is in the bag, I attach one end to the bottom of the handle. So even if the sippy gets buried, I can pull it out by the strap. And when the cup is on whatever table or high chair P is eating off of, it get’s attached the the rail. So now, she can throw her cup as much as she wants, cause it ain’t going anywhere 😉 And she’s actually gotten used to reach for the strap to retriever her bottle herself… which is a nice change. Check out this strap on the HnyBaby website HERE.


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We love all the products we’ve tried from HnyBaby and I would highly recommend them to fellow mamas. (And just an fyi…HnyBaby also makes toy along straps and pacifier clips.) Head to their website to learn more and shop!

And last but not least, I’m excited to be doing a giveaway and discount reveal on Instagram this week (week of October 17) so be sure to head to my feed to check it out!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by HnyBaby but all the opinions and photos are my own 😉 

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