Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Alright ya’ll… I think my TTSD (toddler-traveling stress disorder) has had a chance to wear off and I’m in the right mind to write this post ?

Kidding… kind of. It honestly wasn’t that bad (thanks to all the handy tricks I’m going to share below!) but this last weekend I when I went to Montana to visit a friend was the first time I’ve ever traveled alone with P, and that was a little tiring. It’s crazy how much I’ve taken for granted the ability to ask Theron to keep an eye on P while I use the restroom, or eat my sandwich, or check my text messages. For 72 full hours this weekend, I was it. I attended to her every need. Watched her every move. Dealt with every cry and dirty diaper and spit up incident. Fed her every time she was hungry. Packed up her diaper bag every time we left the house. It was a lot. I honestly don’t know how single parents do it. It definitely put things in perspective for me.

But that all aside, I really do have some awesome tips, tricks, and products that made my traveling experience with P way smoother. Check them out below! PS- Many of the links are Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase using these links, I will make a small commission for being the one to recommend them to you. Thanks for supporting my blog!

  1. Food: Organic Fruit & Veggie Food Packets– I won’t try to sell you on a particular brand here, but I’ve linked to a page on Amazon with lots of different options. You can also snag these at most of you local chain grocery stores! These little packs are amazing for travel, and a good way to get your kiddo some fruits and veggies without having to deal with packing a bunch of food that will likely get smashed in a bag.  P’s got these down to a science and can suck them down in a matter of seconds!
  2. Food: Bring lots of snacks. This one seems simple, but mixing up the snacks keeps P occupied, and actually wears her out faster so she naps more in the car. I like to bring Little Duck Organics Tiny Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks!
  3. Toy: Play n’ Go Travel Tray–  P loves this thing and is at the perfect stage to start exploring things with her little fingers. She likes to zip and unzip, buckle and unbuckle, check herself out in the mirror, slide items back and forth. This toy is good for kiddos 6 months and older, and fits onto a highchair or airplane tray table nicely, and can also tie to the back of a car seat or onto a car seat directly.img_4491
  4. Toy: Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter– This is another of P’s favs. It’s super easy to take on the go because all the shapes fit into the small lunchbox-sized carrier. It’s great for P’s sensory and motor development and super easy to slip in the diaper bag to take with us on the go.  I’d recommend not pulling this guy out on the plane if you have a kiddo that likes to throw or habitually drop things… you might be in for a lot of apologies and airplane toy pick-up. But it’s great for the car and an easy toy to have with you in the hotel or wherever you stay away from home. 15025382_1217334261660318_8624908185404204918_o
  5. Toy: Munchkin Travel Flash Cards– These guys are a fun distraction, especially for kids ready to start flipping pages. P particularly enjoys the mirror on the front cover of this flashcard set, and she’s just now entering the stage where she likes to flip through each page and point at the object while I read her the word. There isn’t anything fancy about these cards, but they are small and easy to tote around… so they are definitely worth a shot!
  6. Toy: Fisher Price Toddler Tablet– This toy was a lifesaver in airports and in the car. I kept it from her while we were on the plane since it makes noise and I didn’t want to annoy anyone, but for our layovers and car rides, it was my go to!14976336_1217839311609813_4381063174909999836_o
  7. Flying Tip: Call ahead to inform your airline that you’ll have an “infant in arms.”  If you are flying and your kiddo who is under the age of 2 and didn’t get an extra seat to save a little money, be sure to call ahead to let the airline know you have a baby in tow.  This helped me a ton on my trip. They even held the plane for me at one airport because the gate agent saw the note that I had a little one with me! Also, if you go this route, be sure to bring a copy of the birth cert to prove your kiddos age.
  8. Flying Tip: Bring a carrier (I like ergo baby) or stroller (I like Graco) for the airport. I decided to forgo this on my recent trip to cut down on items to lug around… but I regretted it. I ended up wishing I had a way to be more hands free!
  9. Flying Tip: Bring a binkie or sippy cup for take-off and landing. The sucking helps with the ear popping. P had her bink and didn’t make a peep!
  10. Driving Tip: Get a backseat mirror! If you don’t have one already, put a mirror on the head piece of the seat where your kiddo’s car seat sits. They love to look at themselves, so it’s a nice distraction… but it’s also great when you’re in the car for long stretches to be able to see your little one in the mirror. P has recently started waving at me when I turn to look at her reflection. Pretty stinkin’ cute.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive. Just a few things that helped me on my recent trips with P. Mamas who’ve traveled with kiddos, what are your tips and tricks? I’d love to hear!



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