Top 10 Must Haves: Baby’s First Year

The top 10 products I'd recommend for a baby's first year!

Now that P is 12 months old and charging around like a crazy toddler, I decided to take a little time to reorganize and clear out some “baby phase” items in her room and around the house. As I did so, a few items got tossed (if they were worn or damaged beyond reuse), a few items were donated (if they were in good shape but weren’t items I felt were very useful), and then many items went into storage to be reused when we decide to have baby #2.

Now that I’ve had a chance to go through everything and reflect on all the products that helped P’s first 12 months go relatively smoothly, I thought I’d share my “first year must-have’s” list with all of you! Enjoy!

PS- Most of these links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here!

  1. Bumbo Seat– We loved this thing. It was great for P in regards to neck control early on and it was nice to be able to sit her on the floor without fear of her toppling over and hitting her head on anything. We also took it to restaurants with us and used it as a booster seat!
  2. Pack N Play– Lifesaver beyond lifesaver. P slept in this beside the bed for the first couple months, first in the newborn basinett and later in the crib portion. We used it as a changing table… a play pin… a block the dogs from the room gate… and more. She loved it; we loved it. There’s no way I could leave it off this list.
  3. SwaddleMe Wrap Sacks– I was not a confident swaddle wrapping mama and was always nervous the blankets were going to loosen and cover P’s face. So I found great comfort when we started using these wrap sacks instead. And P was the cutest little peanut in them! I miss them!
  4. Medula Freestyle Pump– Breastfeeding mamas, this is THE pump. It’s a top recommended brand among nurses and doctors, and it was so easy to use, tote around, and clean. I’m the weird mom who wasn’t really a fan of breastfeeding and pumping, but this system made it a lot better for me 🙂
  5. Graco Travel System: Infant Carrier + Stroller– I cannot stress enough just how much of a lifesaver this was. Being able to take a sleeping baby in and out of the car without taking her out of her car seat was invaluable. The one I linked to here is the one we used and loved, but there are lots of other options out there. I just happen to be a big Graco fan!
  6. Phil & Teds Nest Portable Baby Bed, Bassinet, & Travel Bag– If you plan to travel with your little one, this is another must have. P slept in this bed every time we traveled for the first 6-8 months, and the best part is… it folds right up into an easy-to-carry travel bag!
  7. Ingenuity Convert Me Portable Swing– This was the first place P hung out when we brought her home from the hospital. As a new mom, it was a lifesaver for me. It was a place I could set her down, out of the way of the dogs, while I got some things done. The light vibration and slow swinging motion rocked her to sleep every time.
  8. Babybjorn Infant Carrier– We used this a ton. Pretty much any time we took P somewhere and didn’t want to lug the stroller around or didn’t have room, this was what we used (still do).
  9. Bob Running Stroller– I have to fess up here and say that I don’t actually own this one. But a friend of mine does and I got to use it the other day when we were out together at the dog park… and I love it! So simple to maneuver on uneven ground and way easier to push than the hand-me-down running stroller we currently have :/  So if you are an active mama and plan on running with your little one, this is a great stroller to have!
  10. Diaper Caddy– This one seems simple (and it is), but I found that I rarely changed P’s diaper IN her nursery, so it was really nice to be have something to tote her diaps and wipes and cream around the house in.

Alright, I lied. Top 12… not as catchy of a title though. These didn’t make my original group of 10, but they should have (mom brain is a real thing, ya’ll). So here you go! Two more for the list:

  1. Wubbanub–  I can’t believe I forgot Wubba. This little guy was P’s all time fav binkie friend for about the first 8 months of her little life. The attached stuffed animal helps little ones from losing their binkie all the time because it rests on their chest! Big lifesaver at night time before the babes start rolling over.
  2. HnyBaby Bibs– All I can say is that these are the best bibs, and fashionable too. I wrote more about them here 🙂 Use my follower code: hnybee15 for 15% off at checkout!

Alright, that’s my list! Mamas who’ve made it through the first year, what are some of your “must haves”? I’d love to know so I can be even better prepared next time around 😉



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There was nothing more precious than preparing the nursery for the first child! I poured over it and hand made all of the decor. Great list! Enjoy every minute!