Whole 30 Meal Plan & Shopping List: Week 2

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And week 2 begins! I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday prepping this Week 2 meal plan and shopping list and am headed to the store as we speak. I’ve got some fun recipes planned for T and I… all of which are toddler friendly, so P will get to join in the fun too!

Btw- Week 1 was a big success for us. T had some crazy headaches the first few days and a few weird “funks”, but those were really the only symptoms either of us had. Maybe it was the meals we chose… who knows!

But now, on to Week 2!

You’ll notice a couple repeat meals from last week (bangers & mash, frittata)… that’s because T begged me to make them again. And my husband begging for a healthy meal is enough to make me cave… but hey, at least we know they are good!

Also, if you’re new to my website and haven’t checked out my Week 1 plan and shopping list, you can find them here! So without further delay, here’s our Week 2 plan:

Whole 30 Week 2 Meal Planner


Side note… if  you want a grocery list for all the meals above?  Check on my Whole 30 Has Never Been Easier resource. It has 4 weeks of Whole 30 meal plans (just like this one!), matching shopping lists, and 47 of my favorite Whole 30 resources, websites, and tools! All for only $1.99!

Also, if you want to join a group of fellow Whole30ers to get support, find recipes, and more, head on over to my FB group and join! We’d love to have you 😉

Alright friends, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for Whole30 Week 3 coming soon!

Update 1/22/17: Find Week 3 and Week 4 at these links!



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Yummm! I don’t do whole 30, but I peak at recipes used sometimes! I’m ALWAYS down for any kind of sweet potato hash!

Growing up zee

Super helpful! I needed this for this weeks grocery trip 🙂

Shalama Jackson

I’ve heard of the Whole30 by friends who have done it. I’m always up for new meals to add into my meal planning that fit my macros. Will need to look more and possibly get your list.