Whole 30 Meal Plan & Shopping List: Week 3

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Alright ya’ll! We’ve made it to week 3! This week has some really tastey recipes… and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking I may never go back to eating a different way! Sure, I may cheat from time to time, but we’ve loved all the recipes we’ve had on Whole 30 so much that it’s becoming a way of life for us. We feel more energized, are trim and fit, and are just happier all around when we are eating this way.

Alright, so what is on the Week 3 menu!?

I went with all new recipes this week, aside from some snacks that are repeated from Weeks 1 and 2. Btw- I know snacking isn’t exactly a strict Whole 30 thing. That rule is intended to help you not cave to your cravings. But in my book, as long as everything you’re eating is Whole 30, you’re good. I don’t recommend gorging yourself, but if an apple here or some almonds there keep you from getting so hungry that you accidentally break the diet, well… then a little snacking is worth it!

Also, if you’re new to my website and haven’t checked out my Week 1 plan and shopping list and Week 2 plan and shopping list, be sure to check them out. Alright, without further adieu, here’s the Week 3 plan:

Whole30 Week 3 Meal Planner

Want a grocery list for all the meals above?  Check on my Whole 30 Has Never Been Easier resource. It has 4 weeks of Whole 30 meal plans (just like this one!), matching shopping lists, and 47 of my favorite Whole 30 resources, websites, and tools! All for only $1.99!

Also, if you want to join a group of fellow Whole30ers to get support, find recipes, and more, head on over to my FB group and join! We’d love to have you 😉

Update 1/22/17: Find Week 4 at this link!




PS- Check out some photos of these great Whole 30 meals below!

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

Whole 30 | Meal Plan | Shopping List | Cooking | Healthy Food

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Love this – have been looking for healthier recipes lately. Signing up for your list now!

I have a friend who started this whole 30 thing. She is making stew and invited us over. Can’t wait to try this out and make a meal plan.

These looks really good! I really need to get back into meal planning and meal prep. I’m probably about to go back to work full timw after a year of being at home so I am sure I will need to do more planning.

I love this. We are just now thinking about Whole30. I don’t never if we will ever be sugar free, but cutting back is a big goal for us.

This looks delicious! Once I’m done pumping and have more time on my hands, I’m going to start meal planning!

This is awesome! I’ve been thinking about doing another Whole30 again, and I always struggled with it before because I just ate the same thing over and over again. These recipes look great!

I’ve been thinking of doing the Whole30 again after this baby and you’ve convinced me. Everything looks delicious!