Whole 30 Meal Plan & Shopping List: Week 1

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My fam and I are wrapping up Week 1 of our Whole 30 meal plan, and we’ve loved it so far! Everything on the menu below has been amazing… (seriously, my husband ate e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g) and we are feeling more energized and healthier already! Also, nearly everything on here has been toddler friendly, so my little one got to enjoy the goodness too. The only thing we didn’t give her was the chili, but that was because we chose to put jalapeños in it rather than poblanos and I worried it would be too spicy for her 🙂

Another quick note before I share the plan… for me, the Whole 30 plan required more time in the kitchen than I was used to, and with an already crazy schedule, I had to get smart with my time. But boy has it been worth it! Here are a few time-saving tips:

1) Grocery shop Saturday or Sunday morning before the Monday menu.

2) Cook Monday’s lunch/dinner on Sunday (it’s crock pot, so that should work great!)

3) Don’t feel like you have to cook in time with the menu item. There were days or nights where my schedule was less hectic and I cooked 1-2 meals ahead (and refrigerated).  And there were nights I didn’t cook at all if I was super busy. Cook at your own pace! Getting ahead on Sunday really helped me.

4) Everything on here (eggs included) reheat just fine! So don’t be afraid to cook and refrigerate for later.

PS- The coconut sugar found in the Anything Dry Rub (Thursday dinner) is not Whole30 compliant (it is Paleo however). If you leave it out of the rub, it still tastes just fine! 😉

Whole 30 Week 1 Meal Planner


Want a grocery list for all the meals above?  Check on my Whole 30 Has Never Been Easier resource. It has 4 weeks of Whole 30 meal plans (just like this one!), matching shopping lists, and 47 of my favorite Whole 30 resources, websites, and tools! All for only $1.99!

Also, if you want to join a group of fellow Whole30ers to get support, find recipes, and more, head on over to my FB group and join! We’d love to have you 😉

Alright friends, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for Whole30 Week 2 coming soon!

Jan 22. 2017 update: Find Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 posts here!



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I love how everything looks so simple!

I was surprised. This looks fairly easy and tasty. I don’t know if Whole 30 is gluten free. I need to do some research on it and see if it would work for Celiacs.

Growing up zee

This is super helpful! I’m trying to eat cleaner this year!

Wow that looks like a simple menu to follow. One of our goals is to eat healthier this year. We are doing it in baby steps though. Our first step was cutting out fast food and soda. It’s been almost a week and we feel great!


I’m so excited to follow this! Thanks!