Women’s Fitness Challenges

For only $12 register for the next women’s bodyweight fitness challenge!

Event Details:

  • 3 bodyweight workouts will be posted to the event page between April 1-7, 2018. The first will be posted on Sunday evening, the second on Tuesday evening, and the third on Thursday evening.
  • All participating women will complete the workouts within 48 hours of their post time (Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night) and will submit a score for each one (either a time or the number of rounds completed) as well as a video to confirm their score.
  • The top 3 overall women will win cash prizes! (prize amounts tbd- depends on # of participants)

Event Ability Categories:

  • Amateur- for folks who want to compete but may not be able to complete all the movements in the expert workouts
  • Expert- to compete in this category, you should be able to do at least 20 pushups, single leg pistol squats, 50+ burpees, etc.

Training and Nutrition:

Head to the event page below to unlock membership instructions and gain instant access all the fitness resources, next challenge dates, and more!

April Event Page

PS…a little bit about me…

  • I am passionate about helping busy women and moms find time to stay fit, feel secure in their bodies, and gain confidence in their lives.  All the workouts I design can be done from the comfort of your own home (or a gym if you prefer and have the time!)
  • I am not a registered trainer. I am a fitness enthusiast and have played sports at the professional level, have trained a spectrum of folks over the last 10 years, and have had extensive experience with a wide variety of different workout programs. Ultimately, bodyweight, functional movement workouts that require no equipment are my favorite because they are accessible to everyone and lead to a more fit, confident lifestyle!
  • I am a full time working mom of a toddler and am married to my best friend.